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About us

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Greetings! I’m Catherine, the hands and the brain behind this proudly French-Canadian fashion experience that I long to share. 
Fascinated by the sea of cultures of this world, I pursued a degree in anthropology and not surprisingly spent time travelling. I did this as any young person would, seeking to define what kind of work I wished to do in this world that is always on the go. From this journey an idea emerged that has long been calling: open up the doors of my fashion ideas to others. 
 Life has led me back to my first love: simply playing with the textures and colours of fabrics, breathing life into them, and reflecting the best parts of my heritage with sincerity for others to benefit from. It is time to bring back the pride of hand-made apparel to an unsatisfied fashion world that is not reconciled to existing on a planet of finite means. At Baba Mode Consciente, our fashion is based on environmental conscience and conscientious craftsmanship. Each step of the process is carefully thought through, and we take the time it takes. We believe that doing things right affirms how we should be with our world and how good we can feel in our world. 
The origines of 'Baba'
The word “Baba” is short for Babushka, in Russian meaning Grandmother. Helena Pilecka made it through life to eventually become my Baba. With the echoes of WWII bombs still haunting Europe, Helena brought her strength of character to Canadian soil travelling alone as a nineteen-year-old refugee in 1948. Although unfamiliar with North American language and culture, she was a tireless worker, unafraid of the future and boy could she sew! This combination of attributes, left a most precious legacy to me. 
Looking toward the future with a fearless eye and insisting on fine craftmanship is the inspiration behind Baba Mode Consciente. My baba entertained herself by watching me play with her fabrics. She commented early on that my busy hands constantly giving purpose to leftover textiles at her sewing machine, were a sign for the future. Today’s need to “reduce-reuse-recycle” for the sake of the planet was always a matter of common sense for many newcomers rooted in traditional cultures but who have been transplanted to North America. It is a lesson we all should relearn if we are to be proper stewards for our environment. In many ways, ‘Baba’ the brand is a nod to all the women before us, who’s personal strength and wisdom shows us that quality, eye-catching fashion and environmental stewardship were naturally meant to go together in fine balance.
Proudly conscious
The majority of our fabrics are carefully selected locally in Quebec (Canada), as well as Australia, where Catherine found herself living during the pandemic. The fabrics all have one thing in common: as their potential was being ignored they were slowly becoming candidates for our ever-expanding local landfills. At Baba Mode Consciente, we seek to uncover hidden beauty of unusual fabrics and shape them into ‘wow’ statements you can proudly wear to any suitable event during your time on this planet. 
 Our garments are entirely designed and made with Catherine’s original touch. She spends her time envisaging the possibilities offered by her material, and pursues them without compromise, in her creative studio based on Ile d’Orléans in Quebec, Canada. 
 Always bearing in mind our desire to do better, we offer fully recycled and recyclable sustainable packaging, from our postal envelopes to our biodegradable soy ink brand stickers.